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West Course + Big Daddy

Our most popular activity paired with the Big Daddy Zipline!

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1.5-2.5 Hours

West Course and Big Daddy Zipline Package

West Course

  • The West Course consists of six ziplines ranging from 425 – 1,100 ft. with speeds up to 45 mph!
  • This zipline course allows you to work up to the longer lines by zipping from platform to platform with limited walking.
  • The final line is a dual line where you ride beside your partner on this 1,000-ft. zipline! Soaring over pine trees and the town of Wallace, this is a zip you won’t want to miss!

Big Daddy

  • Want more out of your experience? Zip on over to the Big Daddy ride! Speed down this 1,800-ft. zipline for tons of fun!