Our courses are ground based with only a few stairs to climb to reach the top of our platforms.  "Exhilarating" and "major adrenaline rush" are the most common terms heard after an exciting day of zipping our course..  We have heights up to  300-400'  above ground with elevations ranging from 3,349 - 3,773'.  Two highly trained, certified guides will accompany you during your adventure.

The excitement of your trip begins with a 14-minute drive up the scenic mountain road.  Once arriving at the take-off of your first zip line, you will be instructed on the safety features of zipping, beginning with our "ground school."  


West Course

The West Course consists of six zip lines ranging from 425' - 1100' with speeds up to 45mph.  This course allows you to work up to longer lines.  You will be zipping from platform to platform with very little walking on this course. After the first two zips, you MIGHT be ready for "Dragon's Breath" - our fastest, steepest line at a length of 1100'....then on to #4 & #5 both exhilarating, exciting zips as you glide through the trees.  The last line is a dual line....ride beside your partner on this 1000' zip.  This line overlooks the town of Wallace while soaring over the pine trees.  $90 (+tax).  Weight restrictions for this course are between 90-270 lbs.


Experience 9 exciting lines on both of our courses.  Our lines range from 425-1800' long with speeds up to 60 mph.  This package gives the thrill of both DRAGON'S BREATH and BIG DADDY.  Enjoy the beauty of the mountains (and perhaps see some of the wildlife that Idaho has to offer). $145 (+tax).  Weight restrictions for this package are between 90-245 lbs.


Experience "Big Daddy" as a stand-alone ride.  Ride this 1,800' line twice. Speeds up to 60 mph.  $50 (+tax.)  Minimum 2 people or be worked into a group. Weight restrictions for this line are between 80-245 lbs.


Reserve our 325' line for your entire family's party for unlimited rides.  This line will accommodate a 50 pound child as well as a 240 pound adult.  Customize your birthday party.  We will always try to provide what you need.